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Sustain Asheville / Sustain WNC + OSIC

Where is our system for strategic innovation that takes the precedent of the Institute for Emerging Issues Commons or Connecticut Innovations CT iHub and delivers a more granular community innovation experience? The answer is not just in software code.

InnovoGraph’s Open Strategic Innovation for Communities (OSIC) is a strategy system designed to support leadership groups like Sustain Asheville / Sustain WNC. Sustaining the people of Western North Carolina and the necessary environmental services we depend on is the work of Sustain AVL-WNC. Right now there are few public solutions for capturing insights from social media activity, news, and face-to-face events and doing strategy. When resources are hard to find, effective community collaboration is often the scarcest of resources.

How are people doing strategy today? Communities and their innovation and opportunity ecosystem (IOE) activity is worth understanding better, not only for our own individual career and organization development needs, but to also create better economies to support our self-interests. By going to the strategy and project management level laid over a searchable database, the Sustain AVL-WNC leadership group using OSIC will demonstrate a better approach to strategy, especially by avoiding wasted opportunity and rework. What’s the difference between average and sustained responsible innovation? A systemic approach to community strategy is justified by modern complexity. Ideas already generated using OSIC are worth billions of dollars in community and global impact. Rather than competing with state actors like Institute for Emerging Issues, Sustain AVL-WNC will similarly highlight local responsible innovation efforts and share related data in this IOE model.

The post-2015 world is unfamiliar territory in many ways with multitude new risks and opportunities on the horizon. Our communities, our state, and our nation rate a new strategy skills set to better make our way towards the next 1000 years of success.  OSIC is ready now. Sustain AVL-WNC’s membership and flagship project portfolio development phase is underway. The IEI Innovation Reconstructed Forum will benefit by learning about the dynamic Sustain AVL-WNC plus OSIC approach to value creation through this currently available capabilities demonstration.

Innovator’s bio: Link to additional notes, including timeline and Sustain AVL-WNC resources developed:

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