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Professional Education and Workforce Development

The Business Committee on Regulatory Science (BCRS) found that companies engaged in regulatory science-related activities need better access to workers with regulatory science-related training and education. However, it is unclear what type of professional education is needed and whether the needs of pre-clinical, clinical and manufacturing companies are aligned or divergent. As a result, the BCRS recommends that:


  • NCBIO and the NC Biotechnology Center work with life science businesses and academic institutions to explore the potential for North Carolina universities and community colleges to: (1) Offer regulatory science curricula, including the potential to identify regulatory science as an academic discipline, (2) Explore the possibility of creating a regulatory science credential for professional education programs and a Professional Master’s in Regulatory Science, and (3) Create a collaborative platform to share information regarding regulatory science training needs and industry internships in regulatory science.
  • NC State University’s Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC) explore options with industry for providing a hands-on manufacturing-related regulatory science professional education programs for incumbent workers.

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